How To Use Shilajit With Its Natural Essence

Shilajit is a kind of characteristic substance that is accessible on the northern side of the Indian Ocean. The Himalayas is where this Original Shilajit is accessible. Consequently as per the word, how to use Shilajit is a vital question amongst many people. It is essentially a herb or medication that is noticeably utilized in one of the most seasoned clinical practices.

Ayurveda is one of the most seasoned and most believed clinical practices done in Asia. Therefore, the herb is made through the decay of some unique plant and afterward with the assistance of small scale life forms.

It is one of the most secure and advantageous types of medication. All things considered, it is a substance that is totally clingy in nature. Indeed, even the shade of the herb is blackish. Be that as it may, it is otherwise called the mineral pitch.

This is a direct result of the procedure of its creation. It requires some investment to transform into a decent Shilajit, which may have all the restorative properties to it. It is utilized in numerous clinical properties since it has numerous mysterious substances and advantages to it. As per the examination, the substance has some indispensable supplements and minerals that is essentially important for the body and for the whole resistant framework.

It is made of regular herbs, arranged in observance to the deeply rooted practices of Ayurveda. Its normal fixings de-stress the brain and the body, quicken subjective capacities, improve the strong structure, fortify the sensory system, and, decidedly influence the general health by expanding vitality. Some of the important elements that should be taken with it are:

  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Fruits
  • Herbal tea
  • Fresh juices


When should we take Shilajit?

You may take it promptly in the first part of the day. A few people may feel active when taking it around the evening time or before getting into the bed. Along with your regular food you can take this also. In the event that you need to take it with food, you should increase the dose slowly.

Don’t ever take more than 1 gram per time. You may take it 1-2 times each day, 4-6 times each week. The ideal length is 1 to 2 months one after another, 2-3 times each year. However, if you have decided to take it on a regular basis then set your limit of consuming it. This will enhance your metabolism.

It is one of the most common questions asked. Like when or how to use Shilajit. Unless a human being is completely fine and free from diseases then it can be taken in a small amount. However, if you are suffering from some sort of health issues then the herb should be taken under the doctor’s guidance.

It is very necessary to take a doctor’s guidance if you are suffering from a problem. There are various advantages referenced in the research papers and several journals that demonstrate that Original Shilajit is loaded up with astounding advantages for the human body. There are quantities of advantages and preferences of this herb.

Some of the primary reasons which tell that when we should take it are:



There are different variables for low effectiveness in human beings, for example, stress, low fertility rate, and nervousness. These herb aides in improving maturity whenever it is needed and it should be heavily described by the doctor. Its therapeutic properties help in improving fertility quality.


Brain disorder: 

It is a sort of cerebrum issue in which the intensity of reasoning, memory, and other kinds of conduct don’t appropriately work in its ordinary way. Be that as it may, there is some treatment however the recuperation rate is exceptionally less.

Consequently, the utilization of it stops the illness as well as helps the sensory system in a legitimate way through the human mind works appropriately. It also has a few cancer prevention agents which help the whole sensory system and encourages the cerebrum to work appropriately. That’s why it is necessary to know the usage of it.



The high measure of it also improves the vitality levels and re-establishes the harmed cells caused because of a medical problem. It contains nervine tonic that improves endurance and vitality levels.



This is possibly a typical issue for the greater part of the individuals yet the eventual outcome is very harsh. A few people may discover numerous inconveniences and a few issues after a high fever. In this circumstance, this herb is the exact clinical assistance. There are numerous sorts of research accessible that tells the impact of it. The utilization of it spares tolerant life as well as executes the infections.


Mature/Aging problem: 

The aging factor is very difficult which is getting regular step by step. All things considered, nobody needs to get old yet at this time, everybody is getting matured in their initial as it were. So to stop this issue numerous specialists suggest Shilajit.

In view of its cancer prevention agents and fulvic corrosive stops the development of the cell. It additionally contains calming properties to it. This stops the development of harmed cells in the body and begins to recover them.


Low hemoglobin/ Thalassemia: 

Thalassemia is a condition when an individual experiences fewer blood issues in the body. The tally of Hemoglobin is on the lower side which brings about various quantities of issues and sicknesses. A portion of the issues which can happen is deadness close by and feet, consistent shortcoming, migraine, and so on.

Along these lines to fix the iron deficiency issue. It contains iron and humic acid that naturally expands the degree of iron and treats the lack of thalassemia.


Overall health condition/Immune system: 

There are a bunch of illnesses and disease which is accessible in this external world. What’s more dangerous is that we are chasing it. The main thing that spares our life is the overall health condition.

On the off chance that the overall health condition is solid, at that point various sicknesses can’t put an impact on your body. However, in the event that your overall health condition is incapable, at that point, you may become ill without any problem. So to keep the overall health condition good is the primary goal.

Although, Shilajit assumes a significant job here. Through the standard use of it, an individual can lift and improve its overall health condition. It has a lot of substance that expands the condition radically. This outcome in helping your body and it gets sufficiently able to battle with microscopic organisms and infections.


Cardiac problem: 

The human heart is the essential organ that is the center of human life. There are numerous confusions in relation to the heart. As indicated by many research and test, it is demonstrated that Pure Shilajit works mystically on heart infections.

In the event that an individual is experiencing a heart issue, at that point the individual must take it as it also secures the heart. Indeed, even it has numerous mitigating properties that help the heart to work easily.


How do you take Shilajit?


how to consume shilajit


It is essential and advantageous to take it in the event that you have one. So how to use Shilajit is the big question. It would be progressively profitable on the off chance that you take it after the advice of the Ayurveda specialist. This is on the grounds that the specialist will disclose to you the specific measurement of it.

This clinical herb is one of a kind and holds a significant situation in the Ayurveda treatment. There are numerous components that are important to rely on. Here are a few focuses that are exceptionally vital for everybody before taking it. Even the measuring amount is also necessary before taking it. Some of the necessary measures that are very important while taking the Shilajit:

  • 1 gram of resin or original Shilajit = 1 green pea size or a small match stick


Steps for how to use Shilajit (solid Shilajit):

  • Use the knife or the scissors to cut strong Shilajit: 1/3 size of a green pea = 1 gram of Shilajit.
  • It is told to use the purest form of Shilajit and, simply put it under your tongue.
  • It can be taken in the morning or it can be taken after the food or meal.

However, a healthy person should take only 0.5 gram of it. This amount is enough for a healthy person. The wider range for consuming is said from 0.5 to 1 gram. This is the ideal range, consuming more than this may create problems for your health system. If you need to consume more then only under the supervision or through the advice of doctor it should be consumed.

As there are some possible side effects of it, only if used in excess. The standard quantity is 1 gram. So it is necessary to take less than 1 gram. The best way to consume it with milk. And the resin or the clay form is the best form. Whereas powder and capsules are not that much effective.

The clay form is much more effective and useful because it is the original form. Therefore, the original form is a bit expensive. So always prefer to buy the resin or the clay form.


How long does it take for Shilajit to work?

It totally relies on the structure of the human body. In like manner, it additionally relies on the sickness of the human body and for to what extent. So it is extremely essential for each and every individual who needs to use genuine herbs that should know briefly how to use Shilajit. Indeed there are sure standards and benchmarks that determine what sort of illness may set aside some effort to recuperate.

Considering the typical impact of Shilajit applications in the clinical field, especially in neurological sciences, more assessments at the crucial regular level are fundamental. Subsequently, by taking thought of it, an individual should purchase it easily. The improvement for the general person can be exceptionally valuable for an individual in everyday life.

In any case, becoming addicted to it is not a crucial thing. One of the most essential perspectives is to take this medication in a legitimate direction if you are ill. Be that as it may, on the other hand, that you are totally fit and fine and, at that point additionally need to consume this herb for generally digestion then it should be taken on a regular basis.

The activity time of Shilajit is unclear or not referenced. It totally relies on the circumstance of a human body. A few people set aside less effort to get recoup. In any case, a few people set aside an abundant measure of effort to get recuperate. Accordingly, it doesn’t mean the sufficiency of this herb is less. The force and impact of it are constrained.

Shilajit is a solid and safe dietary improvement, perhaps prepared to block a couple of diseases. However, its major clinical application as of now appears to begin from its exercises for the benefit of it. What’s more, conceivably as a dietary improvement to keep from various diseases.


Avoid these things while consuming Shilajit



It is valuable for a headache, yet taking it along with alcohol may create a bad impact on your health. On very some of the occasions, it is correct to have a small amount of alcohol. But one taking in on a regular basis it is completely prohibited. Rather, it could make you coincidentally overdose! It may also put an adverse effect on your health. And the effect of it will also not work properly.



One should consume Shilajit alone or with milk and not mix it with anything else. As it has some compounds and elements that are very useful and may not work properly. So unless your doctor is telling you to consume it with some other herbs then it is fine. But knowing how to use Shilajit and consuming it something else with no proper guidance can put an adverse effect on your immune system. Some of the allergies are:

  • Fever with temperature variation
  • Blocked nose
  • Itchiness in the ears
  • Mild pain and/or redness in the face
  • Toothache
  • Sinusitis
  • Runny nose
  • Post-nasal drip or thick nasal mucous


Don’t heat Shilajit

Some people say that always boil Shilajit before consuming it. But it is completely on the wrong side. These are the natural things and products, if you boil it then it may lose its properties and it will make no changes in your body.

doctor advisory is important

So it is necessary to take the advice of an Ayurveda doctor and follow the instruction. And consume it alone. Do not brew or boil it with some other element or herb.


Pure water

Always use pure water or distilled water. This is because it is completely free from chlorine and another harsh element. This excess chlorine or iron or other hard material makes the water completely hard. Even the body is also not able to digest it properly. Instead of this chemical base water always try to mix the Shilajit with pure or distilled water.


Avoid other medication

You can take any natural item along with Shilajit. There is an incredible supportive energy here as the herb causes supplement transport to the cells. For a similar explanation, don’t take it with something unless you have a physician recommended drugs. Improved medication appropriation in the body may assume a negative job with the treatment.

100% Safe to take

You can surely take Shilajit that your doctor has prescribed medications, yet you should take the necessary vitamins and other natural supplements like fruits and juice to help your body. In the event that you have a condition that is serious then you should definitely visit the doctor for more consultation.


How do I know if my Shilajit is pure?


shilajit purity


How to know it is original and how to use Shilajit, these are the basic and regular problem which a regular human being faces a lot. These days there are numerous places, farms, etc where such herbs are developed however the substance isn’t genuine. Indeed, even the clinical impact of Shilajit isn’t excessively much viable.

Full of Natural Components

That is the reason it is essential that an individual must get authentic Shilajit. The arrangement, natural compound, and other essential elements and substance are just accessible in those Shilajit that is developed in the Himalayas. All other herbs that are developed in homesteads and others through the procedure aren’t compelling and natural for usage purposes.

There is some of the procedure through which you can check whether it is pure or not:


  • Doesn’t dissolves in alcohol

This is the primary test through which anyone can tell that it is authentic or not. First of all, take a substantial part of Shilajit. And this part should be from the original or the genuine source. Then try to mix it with alcohol or some kind of oil.

If it is completely mixed with alcohol then, it is not genuine. The mark of originality is that it never mixes with oil or alcohol. The original form will mix only about 5% to 10% only.


  • Sharp smell

The smell should always be sharp and strong. If the smell shall be like ammonia or some chemical-based then it is clear that it is mixed with some sort of chemical. Most of the time the seller purchases fake Shilajit and wash it with tap water or with some chemical. This is to get a strong smell.


  • Non-herbal taste

Immediately when you taste it, you will find a herbal taste. If the taste will be like abnormal or something like cooking grass or different ingredients then it is completely fake.



Shilajit is the only medicine or herb that is completely natural and organic. And it is clear that if something is genuine and authentic then the effect to that will be clear. So to attain full knowledge and information on it and one should also know how to use Shilajit in a proper manner.

Thus to use it, an individual also needs to know the purity of it. Unless and until an individual is not clear about the originality then it will be hard to understand the benefits of it. However, Shilajit is the hope for everyone because of its nutritious value and variety of minerals. Thus it possesses the property to heal and cure all sorts of diseases.

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