How to Identify Original Shilajit + Easy Purity Tests

Everything you need to know about Original Shilajit

Shilajit is a sort of natural substance that is available in the northern part of the country India. The Himalayas is the region where this Original Shilajit is available. The word Shilajit is derived from two words. The first is the “Shila” and another is the “Jit”.

Literally, the word “Shila” means a mountain or rock available in the mountainous region.

Whereas, the word “jit” means to win or to conquer. Thus according to the word, the same tendency is of the Shilajit.

It is basically a herb or medicine that is prominently used in one of the oldest medical practices. Ayurveda is one of the oldest and most trusted medical practices done in India. Shilajit is made through the decomposition of some special plant and then with the help of micro-organisms.

It is one of the safest and beneficial forms of medicine. Actually, it is a substance that is completely sticky in nature. Even the color of Shilajit is blackish.

However, it is also known as the mineral pitch. This is because of the process of its making. It takes ample time to turn into a good Shilajit, which may have all the medicinal properties to it.

This Shilajit is used in many medical properties because it has many magical substances and benefits to it. According to the research, the substance has some vital nutrients and minerals that are pretty much necessary for the body and for the entire immune system.

There are numerous benefits mentioned in the journals of medical which proves that Original Shilajit is filled with amazing benefits for the human body.

There are a number of benefits and advantages of this herb. But there is some confusion also regarding the purity, originality, brand, and its effect on the body. First of all the benefits of Shilajit is as follows:

  • Anemia

Anemia is a condition when a human being suffers from fewer blood problems in the body. The count of Haemoglobin is on the lower side which results in numerous numbers of problems and diseases. Some of the problems which can occur are numbness in hand and feet, constant weakness, headache, etc.

Thus to cure the anemia problem the use of Shilajit is the best option. It contains iron and humic acid that automatically increases the level of iron and treats the deficiency of anemia.

  • Brain/Alzheimer disease

It is a kind of brain disorder in which the power of thinking, memory, and another sort of behavior does not properly function in its normal way. However, there is some treatment but the recovery rate is very less.

Therefore, the use of Shilajit not only stops the disease but also helps the nervous system in a proper manner through the human brain works properly. Shilajit has some antioxidants which help the entire nervous system and helps the brain to function properly.

  • Aging

Aging is a problem which is getting common day by day. Well, no one wants to get old but in this day & age, everyone is getting aged in their early only. So to stop this problem many doctors recommend Shilajit. Because of its antioxidants and fulvic acid stops the growth of the cell. Shilajit also contains anti-inflammatory properties to it. This stops the growth of damaged cells in the body and starts to recover them.

  • Fever/Antiviral

This is maybe a common problem for most of the people but the after effect is not tolerable. Some people may find many discomforts and some problems after a high fever. In this situation, Original Shilajit is accurate medical help.

There are many types of research available that tells the effect of Shilajit. The use of Shilajit not only saves patient life but also kills the viruses.

  • Boost Immune System

There are lots of diseases and infection which is available in this outer world. And we are continuously exposing to it. The only thing that saves our life is the immune system.

If the immune system is strong then a number of diseases can’t put an adverse effect on your body. But if your immune system is weak then, you might get sick easily. So to keep the immune system strong is the biggest challenge.

However, Shilajit plays a major role here. Through the regular usage of Shilajit, a person can boost and enhance the immune system. It has much substance that increases the immune system drastically. This results in helping your body and it gets strong enough to fight with bacteria and viruses.

  • Heart Problem

The human heart is the primary organ which is the core of human life. There are many complications regarding the heart.

According to many research and test, it is proven that Pure Shilajit works magically on heart diseases. If a human being is suffering from a heart problem then the person must take Shilajit as it protects the heart. Even it has many anti-inflammatory properties that help the heart to work smoothly.


Does Original Shilajit really work?

It is one of the most frequently asked question and the most common question. In this modern time when allopath medical process is the major player then why should people believe in Ayurveda or Shilajit?

Shilajit is a medicine whose composition is fulvic acid and Phyto complex. These two components are the base of the Shilajit. Due to this component or element, this herb is beneficial and effective. Shilajit totally works on both men and women.

Basically, Original Shilajit has a different effect on both men and women. Even Shilajit benefit also changes from region to region. But the most the benefit and its effect is constant and useful. Some of the benefits for men are:

  • Increase overall health
  • Reduces the cholesterol
  • Cure the reproductive disorder
  • Improves immune system
  • Provide more strength

Some of the crucial benefits of women are:

  • Decrease anxiety and stress
  • Boost immunity
  • Stop the aging process
  • Solves UTI’s issues
  • Enhance metabolism
  • Reduce hair fall

So these were some special and more described details and benefits of Shilajit on men and women. It is entirely true that Shilajit works 100%.

There are many journals that prove this because in those journals there are many research papers. A research paper is a proof that is published in lots of medical journals all around the globe. And now not only in India but all around the world people are getting the importance of Shilajit.

There are different ways to take Shilajit. It can be taken with honey and milk even it can also be taken with warm water. Just dissolve it in water and drink it.


How do I know if my Shilajit is really Original?

The purity of Original Shilajit can be tested through various methods. There are a number of labs available that can tell which substance is pure or chemical-based.

But the good thing is that Shilajit can be tested and checked at home. And for doing this process, very nominal things are needed.

First of all, it is necessary to understand the necessity of original and genuine Shilajit.

An authentic Shilajit is very necessary because if it is not original then one can never get treated from the medicine. So for 100% result and genuine outcome, an authentic Shilajit is necessary.

At many local shops, medical stores as well as in supermarkets Shilajit is available easily but most of them are fake.

Only those Shilajit herbs that are grown on the Himalayas are authentic. This is because it is the only place and process where the real Shilajit is grown.

Nowadays there are many farms where Shilajit is grown but the essence is not real. Even the medical effect of Shilajit is not that much effective. That’s why it is very necessary that a person should always get genuine Shilajit.

The composition, organic compound, and other necessary elements and substances are only available in those Shilajit herbs that are grown in the Himalayas.

All other Shilajit that are grown in farms and others through the process are not authentic and effective.

There is a number of the process through which you can check whether the Shilajit is pure or not:

  • Dissolve/Soluble test

If you have the genuine Shilajit then it would get dissolve in the water. First of all, put some small amount of Original Shilajit into the glass of water.

After some time it will get dissolve automatically. The color of the water will become golden black or dark black. This is because of the Shilajit, the color of the water will change automatically and the entire Shilajit will get dissolve.

  • The Charcoal Test

For this test, charcoal is an important thing. First and foremost take a piece of Shilajit and put it on burning charcoal. After some time the Shilajit will automatically turn into an oval shape structure. This proves that Shilajit is original and genuine.

If the Shilajit is not original then it would not take the shape of an oval or round structure. One important thing is that the charcoal should be hot and the state of the charcoal should be burning or ash like state. If the charcoal is not in the burning state then the test will not be completed.

Another important thing is that putting the Shilajit on burning charcoal the Shilajit will not generate any sort of smoke or it will not burn. If the Shilajit is totally burned or turned into ash then it is clear that it is not original.

  • Density Test

Another test is the density test. In this test, you just need to take a piece of Original Shilajit and put it on the surface of the water. Then slowly the Shilajit will settle down completely. If in case a piece of Shilajit doesn’t emerge under the water then it will prove that the Shilajit is not authentic. If the Shilajit is pure then it would complete sub-merge into the water. Thus this will prove the density of the Shilajit

  • Peculiar Smell of Shilajit

It is certain that the smell of Shilajit is not soothing for everyone. But the medical property it has is unbelievable. Thus the smell of the Shilajit is like cow’s urine. This is one very important way to understand or to know that the Shilajit is original. If the smell of the Shilajit is not that strong and hard then the chance maybe that it is not original.

  • Light Weight

Another important process through which anyone can understand that Shilajit is original or not is the weight. If the weight of the Shilajit is light and it completely submerges into the water then it is clear that it is original.

And another key factor is the smoothness of it. Thus it is originally found in the Himalayas and it is made by the decomposition method, so the structure of the Shilajit is smooth.


Dosages of Shilajit


It is very necessary and beneficial to take Original Shilajit if you have one. It would be more beneficial if you take the Shilajit after the prescription of the Ayurveda doctor.

This is because it is the doctor who will tell you the exact dosage of the Shilajit. This medical herb is very unique and holds an important position in Ayurveda treatment.

There are many factors that are necessary to count on. Here are some points that are very necessary for everyone before taking Shilajit:

  1. The dose of the Shilajit should be between 125mg to 500mg. More than 500mg is only given through the advice of a doctor.
  2. If someone is suffering from some kind of critical health issues like diabetes then only 1gm should be taken.

These dosages are very necessary and it should only be taken under the doctor’s measures. If someone is completely fit and fine and wants to take Shilajit for better health and immune system then it is completely fine.

However, Shilajit is also available in two forms that is liquid and powder. The process to take the liquid format is that take a small size of Shilajit and dissolve it in water. Once the Shilajit is completely dissolved then just drink the water from one to three times a day.

Another process of taking Shilajit is in the powder form. The powder can be taken single or twice a day and mix it well in milk. Thus with the help of milk, the potency and power of Shilajit will enhance drastically.

This will provide a healthier immune system to the body as well as it will boost your entire body system. Thus for overall health Shilajit is necessary.


Shilajit: Traditionally used from ancient times 

Shilajit is the only herb or medicine which is used from the ancient period of time. Many people know that Shilajit has many sorts of benefits over the body that can help the entire body to regenerate.

In ancient times many doctors used to prescribe Shilajit regularly to their patients and this is because to enhance the entire body function.

This herb is so magical and powerful that it boosts the entire body function and the growth of body cells is done very quickly.

It is certain that doctors gave this medical herb in almost all sorts of diseases and problems. Because it not only enhances the body function but the anti-inflammatory substance or element present in Shilajit helps the entire body to fight against diseases, problems, and viruses.

In Ayurveda, the Shilajit is a type of Rasayana which means that it regenerates the entire body in new form and format.

It stops the aging process of the body and improves the entire health of the body.

In earlier times people just regularly take Shilajit in their daily habit as after breakfast and lunch. That’s why the immune system and the entire body organ is always fit and fine.

In evidence, it is found that whoever takes this Original Shilajit on regular basis the entire health and the levels of energy is always constant and the person never feels tiredness or weakness due to any sort of injury or diseases.


Excellent properties of Shilajit

There are numerous properties and agents available in Shilajit that not only help the body but these elements are very necessary for the body itself. Some of the amazing properties that Shilajit is:

  • It has anti-oxidant properties to it which means it is full of antioxidants. The human body needs antioxidants at a high level. So by consuming Shilajit, the levels are maintained.
  • The Shilajit also has anti-diabetic molecules in it. These molecules make the diabetic person into non-diabetic condition.
  • Anti-allergic properties is also available in Shilajit. Regular consumption of Shilajit will help you in decreasing the allergic condition.


Classification of Shilajit

Actually, Shilajit comes from rock and it also has many different forms or grades to it. These grades are differentiated as the color of rock like:

  • Black rock – This type of black rock is used to enhance the tissue system in the body.
  • Gold/Red rock – This type of gold and red rock is used for rejuvenation therapy.
  • Brown rock – It is used for the liver. When the liver doesn’t act properly then this brown rock Shilajit is used.
  • Grey rock – This grey rock is used in improvements of the nervous system and the functionality of bone marrow.


Which brand is best for Shilajit?

There are numerous brands available in the market and in the online world for Original Shilajit. But most of them are fake.

This is because it is the rarest, unique element, or the substance in the world. It is not easily available; it is quite difficult to get hold of. Even it also has unique importance as it has powerful elements to it.

In Ayurveda, it is very important in terms of medicine. It is also the most selling product in the medical world. That’s why it is very difficult to get a genuine Shilajit easily.

However, Power Shilajit is an online brand that sells Original Shilajit to its users. Anyone who is in need of this Shilajit can easily visit the website of Power Shilajit and can purchase the genuine and original Shilajit from the website.



Thus Shilajit is a substance that looks like magic but it has some unique property to it which makes it excellent in all aspects. As it is developed directly through nature so the properties and compound of these Shilajit are unbelievable. Due to its useful property a person can use it easily and attain a powerful immune system and can improve its overall health.

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