30 Proven Benefits of Pure Shilajit + Shilajit Price

30 Proven Benefits of Pure Shilajit + Shilajit Price

Shilajit is a resin that is black in color and it is found in the Himalayas. In these rock mountains of India, Nepal this herb is found. And in this particular region, the herbs are called Andean Shilajit. The original or Pure Shilajit is the best herb for all kinds of medical treatment. According to the literature, almost all sorts of medical conditions can be treated with Shilajit.

Another important thing is that the original herb is made through the continuous process of deterioration by the plants and some micro-organisms. There are certain varieties of Shilajit and it’s according to the rock. Some are red, brown, and gold in color. Every rock has its own features and usefulness.

The terminology of Pure Shilajit

The word Shilajit comes from the Sanskrit word that is the shilajatu which means the rock of a tar. Actually, the rock is complete looks like tar. The entire rock is like a sticky substance. In Ayurveda, it is known as Shilajeet.

Even this herb is spelled in other words like mineral pitch and in several other languages. This means that the establishment and innovation of this herb are very old and ancient. People from centuries are using this herb for all kinds of treatment or in medical conditions.


Origin of the Shilajit

There were many types of research that have told that it is a type of mineral seep which is the form of a vegetable. The nearest plant that grows according to this condition is the cactus. Even it also has a similar composition. Thus it has many useful substances and element so Shilajit Price is also on the higher side. This is because of its high quality.

However, there are many stories and different articles on the origin of the Shilajit but most of them are not proven. Even it also some facts related to the mythology aspect of it. There is a lesion in the Hindu mythology that this incredible herb is presented to the people through the “Samudra Manthan”. A process is done by the gods and evils in the middle of the ocean to obtain a drink of immortality.

All this process was done in the sixth century. It is said that from this process this herb was also obtained. However, it’s just a mythological belief. Even it also has many benefits like elixir or nectar.


Benefits of Shilajit

There are tremendous benefits of Shilajit and some of them are proven in science and some of them are still in a research position. But the Shilajit indeed has some elements and compounds in it which ultimately makes it the most useful and helpful medicine of not only in Ayurveda but the entire world recognizes it.

The clay form of Pure Shilajit is generally had with milk or fused into other natural definitions. It is regularly given at dosages of 0.5 gram to 1 gram taken two times every day. Doses of a large portion of a gram to 1 gram are regularly given for treating conditions like diabetes however this will change contingent upon the illness you’re attempting to treat and your own clinical history.


30 proven benefits of Pure Shilajit

Here are some of the benefits which are there with using pure shilajit. The benefits are as follows-

1. Immune system

It makes the immune system of the body strong. This is the primary aim of this herb to make your body completely resistant to the outer world.


2. Protein

It is entirely filled with high patency and is having an ample amount of protein in it. Through protein number of diseases is cured. A human being needs some percentage of protein in the diet. Therefore it is filled with Shilajit.


3. Available in the purest form

As this herb is available in its purest form also this makes the effectiveness also on a greater side.


4. Enhances human body cell

With the regular usage of this herb, the performance of a human enhances. This herb manages the entire cell of the body accurately this results in the new making of the cell.


5. Improves overall health

By regular consuming of Shilajit, it improves the overall health. When overall health is improved then the body has a lot more RBC WBC cells to fight with the viruses and diseases.


6. Alzheimer disease

One of the important benefits is the cure for Alzheimer disease. It is a type of brain disorder. As it not only prevents the disease but cures it. Therefore it improves the anti-oxidants in the body which helps fight with Alzheimer disease.


7. Low Testosterone level

If a human is suffering from low testosterone level then Ayurveda’s advice is to take it regularly. It will cure all the problems related to the low testosterone level.


8. Reduce fat

Drastically reduces body fat. When the body stores the excess amount of fat throughout the body, it creates lots of problem-related to brain and heart disorder. Thus consuming it with the advice of the doctor may relieve the patient.


9. Fatigue Syndrome

Fatigue syndrome is another big problem related to the tiredness of the body. To complete your daily work is challenging for you. In this case, the best option is to take proper nutrients and vitamins. However, in this fast-moving world when everything is mixed and compromised, Pure Shilajit is still available.


10. Aging 

Aging is another big issue for young people. Due to fast food, the nutrition level is compromised. Aging is stopped through fulvic acid. To obtain this compound in the most digestible form is impossible. But in Shilajit, it is available in a digestible form. Through which the problem of aging is resolved.


11. Insomnia

You will face trouble while falling asleep then it can be Insomnia problem. This problem puts a great effect on your regular life. The cure for this problem is not with a single protein or mineral. That’s why this herb is used here because it has approximately 84 minerals and other essential vitamins.

Thus it will help the patient to get cure the insomnia disease. The herb also enhances the body function through the fulvic acid.


12. Useful in body pain

It is completely useful in body pain. The body pain occurs when there is a de-generation of cell or destruction of a cell or body organ. Only this herb has the potential to improve it and cure the body pain. So consuming it regularly is necessary and the Shilajit Price is more costly when compared to other brands.


13. Essential in diabetes

Diabetes is the only disease that is known as the silent killer. The human being doesn’t understand the consequences of it. So it is mandatory to consult with an Ayurveda doctor and consume the herb on a regular basis.


14. Iron deficiency

Some research was conducted which tells that patients with low iron can lead to anemia or iron deficiency. Thus taking Shilajit in resin or in clay form may increase the iron level in blood and this will help the patient to recover.

Pure Shilajit


15. Headache 

Normal headache less frequently is perfectly alright but on a regular basis is dangerous. This can lead to migraines and other severe conditions. It is the perfect medicine for this problem as it contains many anti-oxidants which help the body to remove all toxic matter.


16. Infertility

It is proved through journals and other medical researches that regular consumption of the herb under the reference of doctor will enhance your entire body structure. By taking this medicine on a regular basis you will find drastic changes on the level of the body. And this will solve all your issues regarding infertility.


17. Heart problems

It is one of the greatest supplements for the heart. This herb has all the necessary elements which are good for the arteries and heart. It will clear the entire blockage that occurs due to bad health.


18. Antiviral 

It has a complete range of minerals and other compounds that are vital for the body. Thus it will protect the body from all sorts of antiviral infections.


19. Cold hand & feet

When the blood circulation is less in the body, then this numbness in hand and feet occur. It can be easily solved with the usage of Shilajit.


20. Height sickness

Some peoples are affected by height and pressure altitude. Even this problem also affects your ears. Due to which low oxygen issue arises. So to maintain the proper level of oxygen in your heart, lungs and other body organs the use of this herb is necessary. It contains several types of minerals which are very effective in resolving this altitude sickness.


21. Liver

The liver is another important organ and one of the most crucial organs of the body. It maintains the blood level and several other levels of the body. Liver cancer can also be cured.


22. Obesity

Obesity not only increases the body fat but also changes the heart rate. Even the walking style of a person is also changed sometime. And this all issues arise because of the obesity or excess of fat. Some supplements with Shilajit are necessary to cure the obesity factor. Thus, regular exercise is also necessary.


23. Kidney function

Due to bacterial infection in the kidney, the function of the kidney decreases. The GFR decreases and it results in many problems. But all these issues can be cured through some supplements of Ayurveda and with the usage of this herb. On regular usage, the GFR of the kidney will increase and the patient will live a normal life again. Even it also finishes the bacteria and the chance of relapse never occurs.


24. Digestive disorder

The digestive disorder takes place when the immune system of the body is compromised. This is especially the part of the stomach in the gastric part. Due to this, the digestive disorder takes place. Thus consuming this herb will provide more relief to the gastric situation.


25. Blood disorder

Blood disorder can be cured through Pure Shilajit. The essential minerals provide necessary levels of triglycerides through which the blood disorder can be managed. However, the study also shows that pulse rate, blood pressure, and other blood-related problems are resolved through it.


26. Stress & Anxiety

Stress & Anxiety is the only problem that has multiple reasons to arise. Thus using it will provide necessary energy levels and consistent exercise to reverse the problem of stress and anxiety.


27. Solves reproductive disorder

The reproductive disorder is one of the main issues in men and women. Thus, it is given to both of them according to their medical condition. This is the only herb which provides different relief according to the gender. Thus it will provide different relief to males and females according to their diagnosed diseases.


28. UTI issue

The UTI (Urinary tract infection) is an infection that occurs in the urinary tract due to exposure to dirtiness, etc. Due to this infection, the problem of urine may arise. Thus, in this case, Shilajit is given under medical advice. However, it can be ordered online also.


29. Improves metabolism

Unless and until the metabolism of the human body is not properly functional, the body may suffer from several types of diseases. Thus regular use of this herb improves the rate of metabolism.


30. Heals fast & joint dislocation

Joint dislocation can be due to a sudden impact on the bone or a muscle. So the best and fast recovery option is Shilajit. It not only activates the metabolism but also enhances the functionality of the organ.


What does Shilajit do for the body?

There are many records, journals, research paper that tells exactly that what all kind of effect does original Shilajit has on the body. The list of effects on the body is countless. To say that it put an effect on every part of the body is entirely correct. This is the reason, that why such herbs and other Ayurveda herbs are in demand nowadays.

According to the research and published journals, there are ultimately 84 minerals and other essential elements and compounds in this Pure Shilajit. Basically, it all starts with the generation of origin. Most of it is produced in the Himalayas and the environment and atmosphere of Himalayas are unique and pure. Even the soil of that particular area is fertile.

Thus because of these reasons, the result comes in a good manner. If the entire temperature and environment are correct and adequate then the herb will produce a decent quality of it. The Shilajit has many minerals that are necessary and mandatory for a human being.

In day to day life, human beings are attracted to fast and junk food which indirectly brings many diseases and other viruses. Eating unhealthy food, no proper life-style and other aspects put a great effect on our body. Thus in this condition when the body gets damaged it can’t be fully recovered through regular medicine.

Thus it works here perfectly and provides the necessary vitamins and cure the problem. The combination of organic trace minerals, humic and fulvic acids, amino acids, carbon-60, plant-based antioxidants, and many more beneficial organic acids sets it apart from any other trace minerals supplement.

Just inside the herb will you find such an ideal joining of unblemished fundamental supplements in adjusted proportions which your body can without much of a stretch absorb, making it a standout amongst another normal improvement? Thus Shilajit Price is a bit high but it provides an ample amount of benefit.


Can I take Shilajit Daily?

Pure Shilajit, similar to any mineral or even food, communicates with every individual’s body in an unexpected way. Shifting responses are from prompt substantial sensations to benefits acknowledged following half a month of utilization.

Obviously, the more healing decisions each Shilajit user does. As healthy eating routine and exercise, the more prominent and longer enduring the advantages to in general comfort.

To locate your ideal Shilajit dose, start by taking a piece about the size of a grain of rice 0.5-gram mg once every day. In a couple of days, take a similar sum 1 to2 time each day. At that point progressively increment the measure of it, taken with each portion up to 0.5 gram to 1 gram until you accomplish the ideal advantages. Don’t be too precise to take the exact proportion of it as directed.

Here are some of the crucial aspects that are very necessary before consuming the Shilajit:

  • Your entire lifestyle
  • Habit related to your food
  • Exact body size
  • Precisely calculated the body mass index
  • General health habit
  • Allergies to certain element or compound

Similarly, as with any new experience for your body, you may encounter undesired impacts, for example, trouble sleepy or stomach related uneasiness. These are normally impermanent and an indicator that you should step down the Shilajit dose for a couple of more days. Thus, at that point attempt to expand the sum set aside giving your body more effort to change.

Everything depends upon the entire structure of your body. So, it is necessary to know what kind of stuff does your suits your body or what does not. Unless and until you feel some sort of uneasiness and disturbance then the dose should be measured again by the doctor.

However, if there are no symptoms of any sort of issue in the body then continuing the original herb is necessary. As it is said that every human body is different from others so to tell exactly what will be the adverse effect is not considerable.

But it is also true through the medical journals that there are very few disadvantages of Shilajit. The reason behind this is the level of minerals and nutrients that it carries. It is very certain that there are different types of Pure Shilajit.

Thus utilizing it, make people utilize original and genuine herb that has been handled and taken care of and entirely free from contaminants. The raw form might be polluted with contagious creatures or free radicals that can make harm the cells in your body. So, always try to select resin or the clay form that is entirely pure and fully came from a trustworthy source.

Basically, there are different stones like gold, grey, and black. From these stones, the Shilajit is taken off and every stone has its own uniqueness and importance. First of all the crucial thing is that the authenticity of the herb. If the herb is authentic then the after effect will be positive.


Does Shilajit increase testosterone? 

The testosterone level is definitely increased by the regular usage of it. However, the medical condition of a human being will change from person to person. But then also the main and primary formula for the testosterone levels will be the same. And even the process of working will be the same.

Shilajit is known for its capacity to revive a cell by driving oxygen and supplements into the cells and supporting the body’s normal cancer prevention agent.

It also put an effect on testosterone levels as soon as the body inhales it in the form of clay or resin. The study shows that as the testosterone levels are increased the body release the stimulation effect. Thus due to this, the testosterone synthesis process goes and level increase s from 30 to 90 days.

In this process, the free and albumin‐bound testosterone gets activated. And then the inter-related hormones play a vital role in it.

Therefore, treatment with Pure Shilajit for back to back 90 days uncovered that it has essentially (P < 0.05) expanded all out testosterone, free testosterone, and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEAS) contrasted with the fake treatment. Gonadotropic hormones (LH and FSH) levels were all around kept up.

It is likewise important to put a profound view and persistent investigation on serum urea, fasting glucose, creatinine, ALT, AST, Hb%, all-out RBC, aggregate, and differential checks of WBC, RBC/WBC morphology, ESR and routine stool assessment including a mysterious blood test. Thus when the regular usage enhances the testosterone level then this herb should be purchased and the Shilajit Price is slightly more because of its authenticity.


How long does it take for Shilajit to work?

It entirely depends upon the structure of a human body. Likewise, it also depends upon the disease of the human body and for how long. So it is very necessary for everyone who wants to consume Pure Shilajit that it takes some amount of time to get used to it. The thing is that there are certain criteria and benchmarks that tell what kind of disease may take time to recover.

However, getting used to it is also not an important thing. One of the most crucial aspects is to take this medicine in proper guidance if you are unhealthy. However, if you are completely fit and fine and then also want to consume this herb for overall metabolism then it can be consumed.

The operation period is undefined or not mentioned. It completely depends upon the situation of a human body. Some people take less time to get recover. But some people take an ample amount of time to get recover. Therefore, it doesn’t mean the effectiveness of the Pure Shilajit is less. The power and effect of it are limited.

Lot’s of Advantages

It is a strong and safe dietary enhancement, possibly ready to preclude a few illnesses. Yet its fundamental clinical application currently seems to originate from its activities in the advantage of comprehension. And possibly it is considered as a dietary improvement to keep from numerous diseases.

Considering the normal effect of it in the clinical field, particularly in neurological sciences, more examinations at the fundamental natural level are essential. Thus by taking consideration of the Shilajit Price, a person should definitely buy the original one. The enhancement of the overall health can be very useful for a person in day to day life.

Effectiveness of Shilajit

The effectiveness of Shilajit is measured with the number of people using it. There are a lot of people using it in their daily routine for a number of diseases. As this is a herb that gives them protection against massive viruses and lots of diseases.

Completely Natural

Another vital reason for having this Ayurveda herb is that it is completely natural. Even the process of producing this Shilajit is also completely natural. It is found in the mountainous of the Himalayas where the environment is completely natural. Even this is also an element due to which the herb is completely pure and authentic.

Pure Shilajit

Even this Pure Shilajit is also used in genitourinary scatters, jaundice, stomach related disarranges, developed spleen, epilepsy, anxious clutter, constant bronchitis, and frailty. Shilajit has been additionally valuable for the treatment of kidney stones, edema, and to decrease anorexia.


Shilajit Price

Our Pure Shilajit is priced at just ₹1299 for a limited time on prepaid orders. You can buy it here.

Pure Shilajit Price


It is one of the most important and crucial medical herbs in Ayurveda. Its use and demand can be measured through the requirement of it. These herbs are now in demand by the users. There is a frequent requirement for the herb.

As the herb’s biggest take away is the overall benefit of it. The herb not only provides overall benefit in disease but all prevent the diseases in all sorts of situations. That’s the reason why more and more people are now consuming the herb on a regular basis. Thus seeing it’s the Original Shilajit is now been used in other medical bodies also like naturopathy, and so on. However, this enhances the scope and benefits for the people.